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Hi ! Welcome to my dating site. Just pick your niche and click on those buttons below and have fun with it ! All of these sites are highly rated and are always in the top 20 dating sites rankings-wise and you can take your pick based on your needs. Some of the sites are just for hooking up while some are geared towards those looking for a more serious and long-term relationship.

But before you go crazy taking your picks, try to review the following safety tips first.

OnLine Dating and How to Stay Safe

With so many people communicating via the web and deciding to date virtual strangers, it is important to be safe and be smart.

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Trust your instincts and use your common sense. Here are some tips for playing it safe:

Watch out for someone who seems too good to be true.
Begin by first communicating solely by email or online chat. Be vigilant in noticing peculiar behavior or inconsistencies. If you notice evasive signs, your radar should flag it. Although online, try to 'listen' to his or her words. Always remember that the other party might not be what they say they are. Go with your instincts. If anything makes you uncomfortable, walk away for your own safety and protection.



Get as much intel as you can.
Be as inquisitive as you can. Find out where he grew up, where she works, and how he is connected to his community. You will be like Columbo trying to find out a person's profile. If you detect hesitancy in giving personal info, then that is a red flag. Try to look for discrepancies as they tell you their life story. As you ask your questions, if you see that there is hesitancy in getting the answers, be careful. Always err on the side of safety.

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Honesty is the key to success.
You should describe yourself as accurately as you can. In the online world, it is so easy to say you look like Jolie when you are not . Be honest about the basic things such as marital status  and how you look. Start with a request for a picture and send them a recent one of you. If someone is unwilling to send a recent picture, this is warning sign. If he or she continuously comes up with an excuse, it is because that person has something to hide. Having a scanned photo is easily available, so there is no valid excuse for not doing it. After you have exchanged pictures, continue to fill in the gaps, so that the other person does not create you in their image. Honesty is the best policy as your grandma always say.



Take it to the next level by talking on the phone.
Talking reveals valuable information about a person's temperament and quirks. It's worth it to call since you can continue to get a more complete profile. But do not give out your phone number to a stranger. Take your time to see if a trusting bond is there. Only when you feel completely comfortable should you give your phone number.



If you decide to meet for a date, proceed with caution and arrange the meeting on your terms.

Try to also follow these tips to ensure your safety:

1. Make sure a friend or anyone close to you knows where you are going and when you will be back from this first date. Leave your date's full name and telephone numbers with that person and write it down. There are also websites these days, like smartdatedotcom, where you can register dating information such as these,  for a small fee. If your date wants you to keep it secret, this is a very big red flag. Your safety above all else!




2. Keep the location of the first date in a public place. It must be where there are other folks and preferably well lit. Getting together for coffee is a pleasant, casual way to get to know someone.




3. Very important - Do not let him pick you up where your live. Giving your address out to a stranger is not safe. Arrange your own transportation so that you can leave if there is any sign of trouble.





4. Pay attention to everything that this person has told you about him or herself. This is like an audit, it you find he lied online, move on.






5. Do not bring your date back to your house after the first meeting. Remember that you are out with almost a virtual stranger. Use the same kind of common sense and rules that you would use in any type of dating relationship.




Be smart and be safe. Be in control. Know what you are getting into before you invest your heart, money, or your life. Information about the other person is the key!